About WenEver

WenEver mixes Eastern and Western philosophies to offer health choices based on a combination of these two worlds. I believe I have found my own version of the Fountain of Youth! It can be yours too!

WenEver isn’t a quick fix program. It’s not a 7-day or 21-day, cure-all cleanse of bad habits. WenEver is an easy program you adopt into your current lifestyle. Well, whenever you can! It takes some of your most basic routines that everyone usually does – like brushing your teeth, showering, eating, driving, watching tv – and gives it an extra boost by adding a new regime alongside your normal tasks.

About Ming-Na Wen

Ming-Na (“enlightenment”) is Chinese-American, immigrating with her mom Lin and older brother Jonathan from Hong Kong to America when she was 6 years old. She spent her formative years in Queens, New York where she first learned to speak English. When her mother remarried, they moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her step-father was an amazing chef and owned the restaurant “The Chinatown Inn.” Working in her family’s restaurant sparked a lifelong love of food and cooking. Her mother was also a nurse in China and Ming-Na learned many valuable lessons about health, medicine and balance of mind and body.

Over her three decades as an actress, Ming-Na received plenty of great beauty tricks from all the professional makeup artists and hair stylist as well as wellness advice from trainers, martial artists and healthcare specialists. All these aspects have helped her find her very own personal fountain of youth. She’s discovered a way to stay young and fit while still working as a full-time actress, mom, wife and business woman.

Now, as Ming-Na heads into her mid-50’s, she is constantly asked what she is doing to look 20, if not 30, years younger.  This is what has motivated Ming-Na to start WenEver because she wants to help women, and men, find their own fountain of youth and live life to the fullest.  You can become a WenEver Warrior, too!