Photo courtesy of Dennis Kwan.

Hello! Welcome to my blog! For those of you who know me from my work as an actress, thank you for joining my WenEver project. I am excited about this new way for me to connect with you. For those who are just looking for answers to how to look and feel younger, you are at the right place! My name is Ming-Na Wen. Actress, mother of 2, wife, and now, your lifestyle guru. WenEver is my guide to secrets that mixes Eastern with Western philosophies and offers heath choices based on a combinations of those two worlds. I believe I have found my own version of the Fountain of Youth! It can be yours too! By joining WenEver, you are on your way to learning my unique and somewhat quirky ways to a more youthful and vital YOU!

WenEver is NOT about DEPRIVING, but about INSPIRING!

WenEver differs from all the programs out there that offer guidelines and advice to losing weight or looking younger or being healthier.

WenEver ADJUSTS and ADAPTS to your personal goals and ways of thinking and doing things.

WenEver works whenever you need or want to apply it.

THAT is the KEY to success. Most diets or exercise programs work AGAINST people’s habits and food choices. So ultimately, in the end, those programs fail. My methods, however, are effective because they can easily be added into your lifestyle and your schedule.

I believe my WenEver methods will lead you to a better way of living and will take years off your looks. No matter how hectic and stressful your life is, whatever age you are or what your financial status is at this moment. Also, for me, everything is about having FUN!

I want to share my WenEver secrets in this blog with you! Now, it is not as simple as just drinking a potion, and POOF, you’re YOUNG! There’s still work involved on your end. Also, I am not an MD and I hold no degree in psychology or in any other medical profession. (Unless you count my 5 years playing the role of Dr. Chen on the NBC’s tv drama, “ER,” as my medical training. Haha) I am just someone who wants to share what worked for me. If you’re determined to create your own Fountain of Youth, then WenEver will lead you down that path!

So WEN-EVER you’re ready, I’m here for you. Let’s get started!!