Here’s my first tip to help you to finding your own Fountain of Youth! I am going to share some of my tricks to staying young looking. I know they will help you too!

Of course, I’m going to be honest here. I have the advantage of being Asian with a skin type that’s thicker than most other ethnic groups. This means I have tougher skin that resists wrinkles better than say the Caucasian skin. But it’s not all genetics! Trust me! Taking care of yourself inside and out will preserve your youthful appearance. My youthful appearance is the RESULT of my WenEver Ways. And you can have that too!

Today’s beauty tip will cost you NOTHING!

It’s sleep.

Whether it’s taking quick cat naps and just closing your eyes for a few minutes, or drinking some relaxing tea (like chamomile) before bed, improving sleep quality is SOOO important for your health and appearance. You would think we would all know how to sleep, well I find that i’m always hearing from people that they have trouble sleeping

I plan on offering some audible sleeping meditation soon, but for now, all I want you to do is focus on getting sleep. Make it your mission. It’s not something you should sacrifice or neglect. Ever! Think of it as a daily gift to yourself. Every country values sleep and many have siestas. I want you to value sleep as the best medicine and spa treatment for yourself.

Every tech item we own requires recharging, right? Well, your body does too. You might not plug your body to an outlet, but when you close your eyes or sleep, that IS your outlet. With better sleep and rest, you will be able to cope with stress better, think clearer, feel happier, look younger and have more energy.

WenEver you are feeling tired, where your eyelids feel heavy, do yourself a big favor and TAKE A BREAK. If you’re at work, parked in your car waiting to pick up your kids or even if you’re at the mall, take two minutes. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and chill. You can do this at your desk or go hide in the bathroom stall! I mean it! Once you practice this, you will be addicted to doing it!

This is all you have to do:

1) Close your eyes and breathe deeply. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Just focus on your breathing and with each exhale, relax your body. Lower those shoulders. Drop your jaw. Relax. Do this for 2 minutes or until your eyelids feel rested.
2) When you open your eyes, stretch your body. Arms up and out. Chest up high. Point your toes. STRETCH OUT! This gets the blood flowing. You will feel better. I promise.

That’s it!