Wow! February has been an eventful, busy month! Thank goodness it’s the shortest month of the year! Why was it so busy?

Well there were these events:

Eric’s birthday
Super Bowl party
Valentine’s Day
Chinese New Year
Soft launch for my WenEver website

Then this weekend:

Marvel’s Agent’s of SHIELD 100th episode party

Besides these special events, I’ve got a full time job on Agent’s of SHIELD, family stuff with the kids and husband, house duties, decluttering goals, physical therapy for my knee and houseguests… WHEW!!!

Now, how do YOU handle a hectic day, week or month? Do you panic, feel stressed or feel overwhelmed? Trust me, I did. YES! Of course I have those moments. But it’s how you handle them that makes or breaks you.

Here’s a simple but effective WenEver Way to get through all your to-do list and still have time to take a nap or give yourself a break.

Write out your schedule on a paper calendar. For me, I never feel grounded when I only use the calendars on my computer or cell phone. They’re convenient and great at reminding me, but everything feels jumbled and confusing. Ever see those images of math problems or words floating around a person’s head in a commercial? That’s how I feel when I don’t have it down on paper. This might not be you, but give it a try anyway.

I believe there is something about the physical act of writing. It connects body and mind more, and it makes the ideas more concrete. It will make you feel less anxious and more productive at tackling your projects. Once it’s all on paper, you’ll get a clearer picture of what you need to tackle first instead of feeling like you have a million things to do and don’t know where to start.

Here’s your WenEver Weekend assignment!

1) Just print, draw or buy some blank calendar pages. Then add the month/week/days and write down your to-do’s. Or buy one of those big yearly calendars from the office supply store.

2) WRITE IT DOWN! Write all the things you need to do for this weekend, for next week, for the rest of this month.

3) Focus on what needs your immediate attention so you can make it’s deadline. Prioritize what’s most important to do first. Add a guesstimate of how long it will take you to finish that chore, errand or event. If it’s a big project, write everything you need to do for it on a post-it so you can take it with you wherever you go.

4) Now, before you tackle a more challenging project, pick the easiest thing on your to-do list first. You can immediately get that off your plate! It will motivate you to do the next thing.

Try this out for yourself. Let me know if this helps you to feel calmer, less anxious and more in control. Think of it as a map giving you guidance on how to reach the finish line of a project or event. I hope you find it a useful tool in achieving your agendas.

Have a wonderful WenEver weekend, Warriors! xo